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Pauline Viardot, used as a cover for the TV series Evocation


This powerful and emotive contemporary cinematic telling of the story of Pauline Viardot unlocks heightened contemporary themes of race, creativity, gender roles and polyamory that traverse the operatic traditions of two centuries and creates an opportunity for a one of a kind cinematic exploration of performance, music, choreography and design.

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Searching for Sylvia Plath

In an idyllic and secluded Cornish coastal village, a writers’ retreat is shaken by the suicide of a previous attendee. As authorities investigate and the current retreat of diverse attendees sort through their own histories and traumas, the locals try to keep their own buried secrets… well, buried.

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Sylvia Plath on the Beach, used as a cover for the TV series Searching for Sylvia Plath
Imagined Charlotte and Parker, used as a cover for the feature film Careless


Set in a suburban community of Philadelphia, this film examines the disorder and hypocrisy of family history and the ramifications of hiding the truth from the youngest generation, the kids who are inheriting this mess.

Careless Theme: Whatever We Do
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