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Tatyana Yassukovich

Renegade Feminist Filmmaker

Tatyana Yassukovich is an award winning filmmaker, actress, and writer. She wrote and directed six short films, four of which became a multi-part series called the Fourth Wall, which received accolades on Amazon Prime. Tatyana made a film called Ghostlight during the pandemic, which won best feature in Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. She just completed Room Tone, a short that emphasizes what it feels like to work on film sets of an all-female crew from the perspective of a sound MAN. Tatyana is currently working on her newest feature, Careless, as well as developing a pilot through the Sundance Collab, Searching For Sylvia Plath. She is also in development of Evocation, a semi-finalist of the film draft award. Tatyana was the narrator of Chocolat and the voice of Barriss Offee. She has voiced many characters in animations and video games. Tatyana lives in Philadelphia where she also teaches at Drexel University and Temple University. She lives with her husband, Ben, and has five children.  

Tatyana Yassukovich headshot
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